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How Coin Hosting will work

We are aiming to bring the best Virtual Private Server (VPS) experience in the industry Building a data-first, enterprise ecosystem with private virtual servers available on the cloud VPS service that works for you, get and pay only for what you need With HostingCoin (HSTC) all the services we offer will be private and anonymous due to its technology. HostingCoin will be a hosting site that offers, rent of VPS and dedicated servers that will use HSTC based on the MasterNode technology keeping the network in optimal state. Our main aim is to offer private, anonymous, and flexible prices to our clients. We will add and offer other services such as one clickMasterNode hosting with low rates at a later date. The project plans to offer the possibility of registering domains, buying domains, hosting websites, vps and dedicated servers in the cloud. Where all payments will be made with our own currency HostingCoin (HSTC).

Block reward


MN (80%)

Staking (20%)

1-10000 10001-30000 30001-70000 70001-140000 140001-240000 240001-400000 400001-500000
0.32 HSTC 0.64 HSTC 0.96 HSTC 1.28 HSTC 1.60 HSTC 1.92 HSTC 2.40 HSTC
0.08 HSTC 0.16 HSTC 0.24 HSTC 0.32 HSTC 0.40 HSTC 0.48 HSTC 0.60 HSTC
After block 500000 the rewards will decrease by 10% every year.



Project research, presale of a small numbers of masternodes, whitepaper, and other blockchain development will take place. Wallets and public masternodes setup guidelines will be published during the weeks of the HostingCoin network-launch. 80% of the blockchain rewards are distributed to HSTC masternodes, 20% of the rewards will go to HSTC stakers.
Current services offered should be working flawlessly at this point due to the maturity of the network and clientele buildup. Added value and the restructure of the services offered will be evaluated to ensure affordability and the easy-to-use platform for our clients. Listing on more reputable exchanges and continuing to bring new talent to our team will ensure our reputation and our network growth for years to come.


Implementing HSTC services such as VPS, Cloud, MasterNode hosting, and other services Further development of the HSTC product, services will take place including listing to more exchanges and additional marketing strategies. Improvements or repositioning of the website, whitepaper and services will take place including recruiting or bringing in new talented team members into the project.


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